Need us to speak at your workplace, trade show or convention?

Bill Godkin and Anna Armstrong have been asked to speak at many different functions about the safety topics that were of concern to those audiences. Each presentation is designed specifically to our audience, their needs and concerns. If you or members of your organization have safety concerns and would like us to speak at your workplace, workshop, convention or trade show to help you and your group members to address those concerns, contact us so we can get the information we need to solve your issues and answer your questions.

If your company has a safety culture in place but you are still having critical and fatal injuries in your workplace(s) and need help in getting buy in value from persons at every level in your organization to improve your safety record, then contact us immediately. Our mission is to heighten awareness to why safety in the workplace is of paramount importance for every person in an organization and to empower and encourage all employees to participate in your safety culture. Our approach is effective and our clients have seen the attitudes of their staff members change before their eyes. Sometimes preventing serious injuries from happening is a simple process. “Safety starts with attitude” is our slogan. Make it yours as well.

Costs will depend on the time, materials and travel involved.

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