Worker / Supervisor Safety Awareness

Module 1 Agenda and Introduction
Unit 1 Agenda and Introduction
Module 2 Safety Culture
Unit 1 IRS or Safety Culture
Module 3 Workers Safety Awareness
Unit 1 Worker Safety Awareness
Unit 2 Staff Equipment Training Process
Unit 3 Questions New & Young Workers
Module 4 Workers Safety Duties / Safety Rules
Unit 1 Employee Orientation Information
Module 5 Employers / Supervisors Safety Duties
Unit 1 Safety Rules of Your Workplace
Unit 2 Employers Safety Duties
Unit 3 What Are the Duties of a Supervisor
Module 6 Due Diligence
Unit 1 Due Diligence
Module 7 Unsafe Work and the Right to Refuse
Unit 1 Employees’ Rights of Unsafe Work Refusal
Unit 2 The Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC)
Unit 3 Employee Responsibilities
Unit 4 Fines
Unit 5 Potential Hazards
Unit 6 Safety Training

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